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Re: Unstable file systems since upgrading to RedHat 7.2 Ext3

Olivier Pasco wrote:


We have upgraded our server with RedHat 7.2 and changed the filesystem
for the new Ext3 format. Since then we are having troubles with NFS and
Samba file systems.

Our server export directories to Windows clients through Samba and to
other Linux (RedHat 7.2) through NFS. It is also connected through NFS
to a RedHat 7.0 server.

Since we changed for Ext3 filesystems, we experience to main problems
(everything was working well before) :
  - using NFS directories from a Linux client may freeze the client
  - when some Windows client reboot, the attached Samba process is
    still alive but in an uninterruptible status and the server load
    get quickly very high
In both cases, only a reboot (of the client for NFS or the server for
Samba) may solve the problem. Which meen today at least one reboot every

I am not sure this is due to Ext3 but the few information I found until
now let me think it can be related to it. Does any one here can help us
with this ?

I would suggest to mount all offending filesystems as ext2 (just change /etc/fstab accordingly - besides the root fs) and see if the problems go away. If not, it isn't ext3 related.


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