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RE: Ext3 problems possibly plauging me

Thanks for the quick reply.

>That is a very unusual situation, because e2fsck will rarely crash, and it
>should be impossible for it to hang the system.  Do you get any errors on
>the screen related to IDE/irq/hda failures?

No.  I got an "Oops" message, but it wasn't very helpful.
The drive has worked flawlessly.  It's a u160 IBM UltraStar.

>Sounds like it is hardware (disk/ram/cpu).  Did you make any other changes
>to your system since the last time it was rebooted (e.g. new kernel,
>hdparm settings, BIOS changes, etc)?

No changes what so ever.  The system had crashed for what seemed like no reason to me, I hard reset it and during the boot up FSCK it hung.

>Which one are you using now?  Probably 2.4.17/18-preX is the safest to use,
>I never used 2.4.15, so I don't know much about it, and 2.5.1 is certainly
>not going to be the most robust kernel.

I'm primarily relying on 2.4.17-mjc, because it's the most robust kernel
I have, and I trust it the most.  I was using 2.5.1 for about a week after it came out and had no problems with it, but moved back to 2.4 to play with the new 0(1) shedualer and some of the other performance boosts.  The exact same problems occur under 2.5.1 and 2.4.15.

Frankly, I really wish I had parts to swap out on this box, but I don't have the parts...  

I'm currently the owner of a very expensive peice of crap. (grin)

brockwood homestead-inc com

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