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Re: Should fs_passno in /etc/fstab be always set to 0

> No, it doesn't!  The prompt in Red Hat 7.2 asks you if you want to
> force a *full* fsck.

Okay, Though the message just says

Press Y within 5 seconds to force file system integrity check..."

Observe that there is no mention of "full"

I couldn't find any explanation as to what a *full* fsck is, under what
conditions would it be triggered. Can one force it manually ?

Is there any back of envelope calculation to estimate the time it would
take on x GB of disk with Y MB of journal data or maybe there is some
other dependency on block size and number of inodes on the system etc

> > The question is, is fsck required after an unclean shutdown or should
> > one just rely on journal replay. What does fsck do when it sees an
> > unclean ext3 filesystem
> By default, fsck on an unclean ext3 just replays the journal.
> Passno==2 is correct --- it will force journal replay on the ext3
> filesystems, and will give fsck a chance to do its usual maintainance
> jobs (checking for forced fscks after a set interval, detecting error
> conditions on the fs which force a full fsck, etc.)

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