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Re: data=journal on Redhat 7.2?

On Thursday, January 31, 2002, at 05:09 , mb/ext3 dcs qmul ac uk wrote:

On Jan 29 Bill McGonigle wrote:

Has anyone been successful in getting the stock Redhat 7.2 kernel to run
an ext3 partition in data=journal mode?

I've set the option in /etc/fstab and made a new inital ramdisk,
Why did you do this? Which volumes are you changing?

The goal is to convert an existing root volume (for syncronous NFS writes). From what I've read ext3 needs to know that the volume is data=journal, and it can't get that from the real fstab until it's too late, hence the initrd.

If it was just my machine I'd recompile the kernel and be done, but I have to convert about 40 machines, all with disparate hardware. RedHat 7.2's kernel config seems to run on them properly and it's already been through our ISO process.


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