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Re: Change defaults to data=journal on /


On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 06:15:44PM -0500, Bill McGonigle wrote:
> I'm attempting the same and run into a symbol resolution problem in 
> lib/ext3.o whether I use mkinitrd with 'defaults,data=journal' as my 
> fstab ext3 options or I manually tag '-o data=journal' to the / mount 
> command in linuxrc on the initrd image.

What do you mean by a "symbol resolution problem", exactly?  Note that
the "mount" command used on mkinitrd is a builtin of the tiny "nash"
shell, not the full mount binary, so it probably won't deal with those
options.  You'll need to copy the full mount bin into the initrd to
get that, or edit nash (if you copy mount, you might want first to
rebuild it statically, else suddenly you need libc.so on initrd too.)

> Is the Redhat 7.2 stock kernel capable of running in data=journal mode?  

Yes, all ext3 kernels ever have been.

> Would there be additional module dependencies in that mode



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