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Very large (~1.12 TB) filesystems and wasted space.


I'm not much of a pro when it comes to managing large filesystems in
Linux, and I'm not sure if this is entirely on topic, but I felt that
you folks would know best.

I have a 3Ware 7810 card with 8 160 GB drives attached to it set up as a
large RAID5.  I fdisked out one large partition and simply mkfsed the
drive with that ext3 filesystem, no other tweaking.  I'm accessing this
via an SMB share on a Windows box and noticing now, however, that I have
roughly 46.4 GB of data which is occupying 344 GB of space on the disk!

Clearly I've done something wrong by leaving the blocksizes (or some
other parameter) at the defaults.  What should I do?

This is mainly housing my digital media.  Filesizes are, at a minimum,
usually in the single-digit megabyte range, but some files may be as
large as a 1-2 Gigabytes.  I look forward to any suggestions.

-Tal Kedem

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