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Re: Ext3 OOPS when root device lost

"gaudet, roger" wrote:
> Oh gurus of ext3...
> We have an application (it's essentially a watchdog) that monitors
> i/o on the root partition of our Linux system.  What we would like
> to have happen is in the event that the root file system "goes away"
> (e.g. the SCSI cable is pulled from the storage device containing
> the root drive), we want to panic the kernel.  We have tried using
> the "-e panic" option of tune2fs but that did not seem to do what
> we expected.  What we have observed is that when the root device
> goes away ext3 will oops and the system hangs.  No panic occurs.
> Any suggestions (tune2fs, ext3 module or kernel options)?
> FYI, ext3 is compiled as a module in this configuration.  We have
> not yet tried with ext3 built into the kernel.
> Oops trace available on request.

Yup, please send the trace.

It's possible that we forget to call the error handler for all
I/O errors, but oopsing is not the intended behaviour ;)


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