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Changing journaling mode on root / loop-aes

EXT3 developers:

	I am curious, if EXT3 is currently being used on the root
partition in "data=ordered" mode (the default as I understand), and I
want to have the it come up in data=journal mode, how do you effectuate
this conversion? I would also be curious how to know if anything special
is required for doing so for the /boot partition as well. I believe that
with the /home partition, all it required was unmounting and remounting
with the new option in /etc/fstab.

	Do I have to boot up in rescue mode with a CD and do something
to make the root partition have a different journal? 

	While this is not really an EXT3 question, I am sure people here
might have knowledge to answer it anyway. Currently both Mandrake and
SuSE have an encrypted filesystem implementation using loop backed
devices (which I think even allow the /boot and root partitions to be
encrypted as well using inird images). I am curious if there is intent
on the part of RedHat to support an encryption mechanism?

	I ask this as I am talking to someone from the Navy Reserves
about how and if we can use RedHat for a project we are talking about.
He leans toward using SuSE since it has encryption, where I prefer
RedHat for other reasons. Will we ever see such support in RedHat?

Very Respectfully, 

Stuart Blake Tener, IT3 (E-4), USNR-R, N3GWG 
Beverly Hills, California
VTU 1904G (Volunteer Training Unit) 
stuart bh90210 net 
west coast: (310)-358-0202 P.O. Box 16043, Beverly Hills, CA 90209-2043 
east coast: (215)-338-6005 P.O. Box 45859, Philadelphia, PA 19149-5859 

Telecopier: (419)-715-6073 fax to email gateway via www.efax.com (it's


Saturday, July 06, 2002 1:33 PM

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