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RE: Changing journaling mode on root / loop-aes

Mr. Ivanov, et al.:

	I tried your suggestion but it did not work, I got the following
error when it booted up:
	<normal console boot up messages>
	Freeing initrd memory: 119k freed
	EXT2-fs: unrecognizable mount option data
	Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs 03:06

	Some facts about my configuration:

	(a) I use grub, not lilo

	(b) I use an initrd which loads ext3 module and boots the root
partition as an ext3 partition perfectly when the
"rootflags=data=journal" is not supplied to the grub "kernel" command

	(b) When using the initrd image and the default ext3 mode all
boots up as it ought to

	(c) When I checked the initrd image, it had no loadable modules
for ext2 only ext3, so I am confused by the words "EXT2-fs" in the error
	I was doing some further reading about problems some people had
with a modular kernel and ext3 with initrd. I am sure it can work (and
need it too) since I plan to use a loop-aes (loop backed) encryption
mechanism which will work from an initrd in order to allow the root to
be encrypted.

	(d) Both jbd and ext3 are compiled and loaded as modules in the
initrd I am using, but still rootflags=data=journal did not work!

	The only scenario that I am not completely sure about is that I
had both the data=journal entry in the /etc/fstab at the same time as
when I had tried supplying the "rootflags=data=journal" parameter to the
grub kernel command line. Once this email is sent, I plan to reboot my
computer and see if that scenario works.

	Thank you fort your time and consideration.

Very Respectfully, 

Stuart Blake Tener, IT3 (E-4), USNR-R, N3GWG 
Beverly Hills, California
VTU 1904G (Volunteer Training Unit) 
stuart bh90210 net 
west coast: (310)-358-0202 P.O. Box 16043, Beverly Hills, CA 90209-2043 
east coast: (215)-338-6005 P.O. Box 45859, Philadelphia, PA 19149-5859 

Telecopier: (419)-715-6073 fax to email gateway via www.efax.com (it's


Sunday, July 07, 2002 11:14 PM

-----Original Message-----
From: Ivan Ivanov [mailto:ivandi vamo orbitel bg] 
Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2002 10:31 PM
To: Tener, Stuart B., IT3 , USNR-R
Cc: ext3-users redhat com
Subject: Re: Changing journaling mode on root / loop-aes

On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Tener, Stuart B., IT3 , USNR-R wrote:

> EXT3 developers:
> 	I am curious, if EXT3 is currently being used on the root
> partition in "data=ordered" mode (the default as I understand), and I
> want to have the it come up in data=journal mode, how do you
> this conversion? I would also be curious how to know if anything
> is required for doing so for the /boot partition as well. I believe
> with the /home partition, all it required was unmounting and
> with the new option in /etc/fstab.
> 	Do I have to boot up in rescue mode with a CD and do something
> to make the root partition have a different journal?

Add this to the linux boot section in lilo.conf:


and to options in fstab "data=journal"

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