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Re: ext3 and raw devices

Since i use 2.4.18-ac i'm oblige to rebuild the map file in my /boot
partition after having used ext3 and raw device on other partitions
/dev/hda2: /boot
/dev/hda5: /root
/dev/hda6: raw
/dev/hda7: a partition written through ext3 journaled mode

I don't know why ?  It seems the map file is corrupted ( LIL- output
by LILO). This is reproductible, but i never get that with 2.4.14 for

If somebody as an idea it will be welcome.

For your problem, you said the application uses a negative addressing on

raw device. How this is possible, as raw interface is ( pseudo device
name, byte offset) ? Do you mean that negative offset values are
accepted ?



Ian Leonard wrote:

> I doubt that this is actually an ext3 problem so I'm taking
> a bit of a liberty, but...
> We have several machines that have two ext3 partitions
> (/, /boot) and a large raw partition. Something happened that
> destroyed both the ext3 partitions on all machines.
> I appears that the app writing to the raw partition had
> a bug that caused it to write to negative block numbers
> and that this wrote all over the disk. But I would have
> thought that the writes would have been constrained
> but the raw device. Is there an ext3 issue or is it a bug
> in the rawdevice implementation?
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