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Re: ext3 and raw devices

On 2002.07.10 08:25 chacron1 wrote:
Since i use 2.4.18-ac i'm oblige to rebuild the map file in my /boot
partition after having used ext3 and raw device on other partitions
/dev/hda2: /boot
/dev/hda5: /root
/dev/hda6: raw
/dev/hda7: a partition written through ext3 journaled mode

I don't know why ?  It seems the map file is corrupted ( LIL- output
by LILO). This is reproductible, but i never get that with 2.4.14 for

How do you boot in order to rebuild it? With my problem, the machine will not boot (just giving a 'GRUB' message). Maybe something at the start of the disk is being corrupted?

For your problem, you said the application uses a negative addressing on

raw device. How this is possible, as raw interface is ( pseudo device
name, byte offset) ? Do you mean that negative offset values are
accepted ?

I may have been incorrect, in attributing the problem to the -ve addresses. The person who coded that app is now saying the bad write calls are returning an error.

Having said this I still think it's something to do with the rawdevice. So
far my theories are:

1. The rawdevice is somehow corrupting the ext3 cache (don't ask me how,
I'm guessing)

2. The rawdevice is writing to the wrong blocks on the disk (I think the
application may be misbehaving at times.

3. The other factor maybe the the boxes that have been corrupted have
very large Maxtor disk ( something like 150GB). Maybe Linux/the bios
the motherboard just can't cope.

Apologies is this is off-topic for ext3.

Ian Leonard
eMail: ileonard ntlworld com
Phone: +44 (0)1865 765273

Please ignore spelling and punctuation - I did.

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