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Re: ext3 file corruption

Selon Per Andreas Buer <per linpro no>:

> Hayden Myers <hayden spinbox com> writes:
> > I recently patched our 2.2.20 production kernel with the ext3 patch
> > from kernel.org and have experienced failure on more than one account.
> > Everything seems to run great until the power goes out and the box
> > isn't shutdown correctly. After that files are missing and the box
> > won't boot. All of the partitions were mounted ext3 ordered mode I
> > think. Anyone else experience filesystem corruption with that patch?
> Make sure that you don't have writeback cache on your harddisk. This can
> have devastating effects on journaled filsystemes. Newer IDE-drives seem
> to have this enabled per default. :/

Is this issue related to this message ?


Olivier Parisy.

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