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Re: ext3 device reported to be 100% full, but we do not know where?

On Jul 23, 2002  09:42 +0200, Michael Hoennig wrote:
> > > We have a strange problem with ext3.  df reports 28 of 30 GB to be
> > > used(rest may be slack) which it calls 100% used.  But with du we can
> > > only find 13 GB, most of it actually in pretty large files (archives).
> > >  Where are the other 17 GB gone?
> > 
> > Either in hidden directories, or files held open but unlinked.  To find
> > the former, you could try:
> > 
> > find <root> -type d -name ".*" ! -name "."
> du -scm /var would have found that too, right?  I double checked anyway
> with find, this is not the cause.
> > To find the latter, use "lsof | grep deleted"
> none, either :-(

Well, if this is a publicly available system, there is always the chance
that your server has been compromised and is hosting warez or other junk.

If this isn't a critically busy system, you could go into single user
mode and run "e2fsck -f <dev>" to see if there is something wrong with
the filesystem.  However, I suspect that as soon as you shut down to
single user mode and your processes are killed that your space will
become available again even before e2fsck is run.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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