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Re: ext3 device reported to be 100% full, but we do not know where?

Hi Andreas,

> Well, if this is a publicly available system, there is always the chance
> that your server has been compromised and is hosting warez or other
> junk.

But even then, the bytes would have to be somewhere in use, right?  

> If this isn't a critically busy system, you could go into single user
> mode and run "e2fsck -f <dev>" to see if there is something wrong with
> the filesystem.  However, I suspect that as soon as you shut down to
> single user mode and your processes are killed that your space will
> become available again even before e2fsck is run.

Fortunately it is ony a Standby- and Backup-Server.  Thus, I stopped all
daemons, unmounted /var, called e2fsck, mounted again, started daemons
and: usage is 48% - about what I expected.  Strange.

Thanks a lot!


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