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Re: ext3 and raw devices

On Jul 23, 2002  13:12 +0000, Ian Leonard wrote:
> The app was behaving badly but the source of the corruption was
> due to the use of a 160Gb Maxtor disk.
> However, FYI, the problem still exists. If you write constantly
> to a partition (in this case I just wrote to the partition without
> a filesystem), it will reach about 137GB (from memory), wrap
> and destroy the first partition.

That is because IDE disks have a addressing limit at 137GB.  You
need to have "48-bit" support in order to use such a large disk.

> I note from the kernel archive that this problem should be fixed
> in the next release. However 2.4.19-rc1 still does it. I need to
> check further - maybe the fix is in the ac branch.

Either you need to enable the 48-bit option, or it is possible that
this patch is not yet in the kernel.  Try the -ac branch - it has
most of the IDE fixes included.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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