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Re: ext3 device reported to be 100% full, but we do not know where? - solved

Hi Andreas,

> > > Well, if this is a publicly available system, there is always the
> > > chance that your server has been compromised and is hosting warez or
> > > other junk.
> > 
> > But even then, the bytes would have to be somewhere in use, right?  
> Not if the tools themselves are compromised.  

Unlikely, though not impossible.  The system is running a intrusion
detection system and is using remote logging. 

> It may also have been unlinked files in a directory that was deleted.
> If it happens again, you can try stopping the services one at a time
> to see which one is causing the problem, to help trace it down.

That IS the reason, and I found the cause: There was a nohup job writing
to nohup.out, which was deleted every 30 minutes by a cronjob instead of
truncated. These dead nohup.outs were not reported by lsof, and of cause
not linked in the file system anymore, but yet using up space.  Isn't the
last point a bug?

Thank you all for your quick help!


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