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Re: shared storage: rw on one node and ro on second node

Jure Pecar wrote:
> Hi list,
> I recently came up with the need for the storage, shared between two
> nodes; one would do all the r/w to it and the other would mount it r/o
> and serve it to the client boxen.

I think that this won't work because the box with the r/o filesystem
will not see the changes that the other box does (caching etc.).

> I want to use ext3 in this setup, since i trust it the most. My question
> is: is this possible? How would the r/o node handle the metadata updates
> that the r/w node would be doing? If there is some fundamental problem,
> is any other fs currently capable of this?

Again I think that especially ext3 will lead to major fs corruption
because even if it is mounted r/o it will attempt to replay the journal
at mount time.

GFS or NFS might be what you are looking for.


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