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Re: ext3, S/W RAID-5 and many services

On Feb 28, 2002  23:07 -0500, TJ wrote:
>     I have a 486, 24Mb of ram, and a RAID 1 partition. The box runs
> dhcp, xinetd, telnetd, and samba. It currently only serves the RAID 1
> partition via samba to a single Win98 box.  Under any large file
> transfer to the linux box, regardless of which machine initiates the
> x-fer, the linux box kernel panics and dies.

>     The stack dump used to be from many different programs, but, after
> I increased freepages, it seems to always be from the 3c59x module. I
> have tried 3com's driver instead. It held up better under load, but
> still crashed after about 15 minutes of file transfer via samba.

>     I now feel that, because two seperate drivers fail, this must be
> some issue with the hardware. As I just found this problem and it seems
> as if you have 3com card in the same family as mine, I am very confidant
> now. If you search the mail list archives for the 3c59x driver, you
> will find this problem many times over. I don't yet know the solution,
> but, if you can, you might try a different networking card. I am going
> to switch out the NIC cards between my Linux box and Win98 box and see
> how that does. Hopefully it's not an issue between the two cards.

It is good to hear that you have tracked down this problem.  Just a few
helpful hints for future bug reports and postings to Linux mailing lists:

1) You didn't mention the kernel verion anywhere in your email.  This makes
   it very hard for anyone to know whether the problem could have been
   fixed in a more recent kernel.  In general, you shouldn't report a bug
   unless you are running the most recent stable kernel.
2) If you are getting a kernel oops (what you call a panic or stack dump)
   then you need to take this, run it through the ksymoops program, and
   include it with your bug report.
3) The ext3 mailing list is not the right place to post this.  Not once in
   your email did you mention that ext3 is in use, and since you found the
   problem to be in a network driver, you probably should post it to a
   network-related list and/or the maintainers of this driver.
4) Please use the <enter> key at the end of each line, or set up your mail
   program to insert linefeeds after 72 characters or so.  This makes it
   much easier for others to quote only part of your email.
5) If you have found there is a common problem with the oops messages, it
   may be useful to include some of the URLs to these other bug reports.
   This makes it easier for the person trying to fix the problem to see if
   there are patterns in the problems.  Since you have already done the
   work to find these other reports, you may as well save the effort of
   another person doing the same.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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