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DO NOT USE Software Raid1 and Ext3


I've started with this conclusion cause i am positive that raid-1 and ext3
are causing data corruption.
I've upgraded from 7.1 to 7.2 and from the first date i run into data
corruption problems @ least once per day (i was monitoring once per day
only) after 7 days we bought a brand new server cause the previous was very
old and i thought that the problems where caused of the hard disks (avg of 5
years old ata/33).
After moving everything to the new server data corruption was something
happened every 2-3 hours, rebooting waiting about 20-30 minutes and data
corruption was visible on database files

After a lot of search in the net i come in redhat forums and a read a post
regarding similar problems.
The poster switched back to ext2 to solve his problems as i did, after 24
hours the system is stable and i do not have any problems.
Just wanted to post this message so any one other having the same problems
on production system should now what to do and not spending 15 days trying
to figure out what is causing the problems and even thinking switching to
windows os :-(

 Nick Ameladiotis
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