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ext3 filesystem corruption


I've been experiencing intermittent filesystem corruption on a Compaq Armada
M700 laptop w/ IBM Travelstar 30GB drives (both the 40GN and 30GN models).
This happens mostly under RH 7.2, w/ ext3 filesystems, but I think it's also
happened under win98. All seems fine until power-down, power-up, and boot,
where the corruption is discovered. Searching these archives, I found that
there are known problems with laptops and certain IBM hard drives, having to
to with cache problems in the drive on powerdown, and that there are windows
errata to workaround the problems. (msgs 2428, 2433, 2435 in this archive.)

Q: Are my drives known to be bad? Is there a list somewhere?
Q: What are the workarounds for RH and windows alluded to?

I have some utilities downloaded from IBM, which I vaguely remember may let
me change/disable cache modes. I'm gonna shut down now and give that a try.

Thanks for any help...
David Potterveld

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