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RH 7.2 installation - login error - FS problems?


   This might be a bit off-topic, and I apologize. But I think this
might be a FS problem I'm having with ext3 (but I'm not sure).
   I finally got RH 7.2 to install on my new box. The box
looks like:

Epox 8KHA+ motherboard (KT 266A chipset)
512 Meg DDR DRAM
S3 Savage 2000 64 Meg card (set at AGP 4x)
NEC 5FGp monitor
Intel NIC

I partitioned the HD to look like,

/boot      /dev/hda1    100 Megs   ext2
/              /dev/hda2    4 Gigs         ext3
/usr/local   /dev/hda3   3 Gigs     ext3
/opt        /dev/hda5        3 Gigs     ext3
/swap    /dev/hda6     1 Gig
/usr/home   /dev/hda7    8.95 Gigs   ext3

I could not get the X installed for RH 7.2 to work
at all, so I used the text based installer. When I
tried to configure X during the last phase of the
installation, it would never come up. So I gave up and
figure I'd come back latter.
   When I reboot the box, I get some error messages
when it starts the xfs service, but they flash by too fast
to read. However, the login prompt comes up and I try
loging-in as myself and root. I get the same error

p->minfo.mi_magic2 == 0x5555
Stopping myself....

and the login is frozen. I switch to another virtual
console and of course I get the exact same thing.
   Any ideas what this error message means? The
install went fine (as far as I could tell). I think this is
a filesystem error, but I'm not sure.



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