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Re: writing processes are blocking in log_wait_common with data=ordered

"Stephen C. Tweedie" wrote:
> ..
> Andrew, would you object greatly to using bk for ext3 if we can't rely
> on gkernel?  In the mean time I'll set up a patch ball with the fixes
> so we've got an alternative to cvs for testing.  Probably won't be
> done until Monday, I'm about to quit for the weekend.

Yup, that's OK.

For 2.4, I expect any changes are so small that
diffs-to-marcelo works OK.

For 2.5 there will be quite a lot of catching-up
to do in ext3.  data=journal is rather broken at present.
I'm testing out your buffer-stealing fix in 2.5 and it has
fixed a few problems, but not all.

What I'll probably do there is to just convert data=journal
into data=ordered at mount time, until things settle down
and we have decided how page-oriented ext3 will become in 2.5.

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