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mv to /tmp = baby's birthday jpg's lost.

Hello all,

Yesterday I moved using the mv command in Redhat 7.2 ext3 file system to move to /tmp my /mnt/win98/"My Pictures" directory to tmp. The command executed normally, and I actually verified that the subdir was created in /tmp and the files were there in /tmp/"My Pictures"

I was doing this to temporarily free space on my vfat windows 98 partition. When I went to move the pictures back today, after shutting the system down last night ALL of the subdirectories and pictures except the last one in the list 'Unfiled photos' were GONE. The same thing occurred with "My Music" using the same operation. "My Music" is there, as well as the last subdir, but nothing else is. All of "My Music" is restorable from CD, most of the pictures are on CD with the exception of my baby's 1st birthday which was two weeks ago and had not been backed up yet. They are jpg's with codes like: p3180010.jpg

I sure would like to have these pictures back as they were the only ones taken of his 1st birthday. Can anyone help?

-- IV

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