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Re: mv to /tmp = baby's birthday jpg's lost.

On Tue, May 07, 2002 at 09:57:49PM -0500, Ignacio Valdes wrote:
> I was doing this to temporarily free space on my vfat windows 98 
> partition. When I went to move the pictures back today, after shutting 
> the system down last night ALL of the subdirectories and pictures except 

You probably have something that cleans up stale files /tmp on bootup.

> I sure would like to have these pictures back as they were the only ones 
> taken of his 1st birthday. Can anyone help?

Dunno if this works with ext3 but with ext2 (I keep my /tmp as ext2 for
speed... it's small and doesn't really need to be ext3 IMO) you could
run the mc command (midnight commander). it has undel features (man mc).
also, you might wanna try some undel software on the vfat partition out
of dos.  All this depends on you not writing to the partition involved.

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