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Re: mv to /tmp = baby's birthday jpg's lost.

On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 06:56:42AM -0400, Tom Oehser wrote:
> > ... but with ext2 (I keep my /tmp as ext2 for speed... it's small and
> > doesn't really need to be ext3 IMO) ...
> Have you looked at the tmpfs filesystem that has been added to 2.4?
> Very very very much faster than ext2 and ext3...

Is it faster then the cache used for ext2 and ext3? Cos I seriously
doubt it... at least not so much faster that you'd bother with it for
the sole purpose of speed. And I think it can be swapped out so if you
leave something there long term, you're still hitting disk.

The only reason I'd bother with it as a replacement for /tmp is if I had
tons of ram+swap and didn't use it all. Then it'd save me oh...
128M-256M of disk space. ;)

(Unless I'm wrong about tmpfs speed vs cache speed :)

> Of course, even less un-deletable...

Indeed. :)

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