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Re: inodes 100% full, how do I know?

On May 07, 2002  21:29 +0200, Silvester if wrote:
> How can you know beforehand, without running fsck, that all inodes are used 
> of a particular ext3 filesystem? Default systemtools use output from df, 
> which shows only a 50% usage of the filesystem, and pretend nothing is 
> wrong, while you really cant't move or copy a file to it.

Use "df -i" to find the number of free inodes.  This is true of all
filesystems, not just ext3.

> I suppose my lesson is not to set up ext3 for using a average filesize of 1 
> mb or something like that, to many small files I guess causes this. Next 
> time I will stick with the default. Maybe better lessons for me?

This will be fixed eventually so that the inode table can grow if it
needs to, and you can create filesystems with fewer inodes and not waste
as much space.  Unless someone beats me to it, I will probably start
working on dynamic inode tables late this summer.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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