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help - I think partition magic just clobbered me.

I have(had) redhat 7.2 installed along with win 98.  my
latest kernel appeared to be working fine. the /boot and 
/ partition were set up as ext3. I had it running
for over a week, before booting back to win 98. while
running under win 98 I started partition magic 7.0, which
claims to know about ext2 partitions.  It gave me the
same error twice, I unfortunate did not note the error
at the time. it was something like "CHS and LBA block
count do not match. lba is calculated as correct. fix
this error" to which I mistakenly said yes. 

Now I cannot boot linux.  I get kernel panic with all 3
kernels I had set up for lilo. prior to the kernel panic
the error cramfs: wrong magic. appears.

First question, can someone confirm that this error
is in fact caused by whatever partition magic did ?

Second question, can it be fixed ?  I have read the page
on GPart and it appears you have to be able to boot
linux in order to use it. are their any repair
utilities that I can rawrite to a floppy and boot
with that handle ext3 ?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give,

kerstan comcast net

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