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Re: ext3 sometimes failed

Andreas Dilger wrote:

On May 14, 2002 16:54 +0100, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 09:43:08AM -0600, Simon Gao wrote:

Can someone help explain why sometimes ext3 failed to recover from a sudden loss of power (ie. has to run lengthy fsck on paritions)? This happened to Redhat 7.2, 7.3 with latest stable kernel.

This can be for several reasons, but the fsck will always tell you why
it is doing it, so you'll need to keep your eye open for those

Reasons can include disk corruption caught by the filesystem --- the
fs will mark the partition as having seen errors, and the next fsck
will do a full check to recover.  Or, the filesystem may be marked to
have regular fscks on it, either every so-many mounts or after a
certain interval has passed --- "man tune2fs" to see how to change
those limits or to disable them.

e2fsck will always print a message something like "/dev/foo contains a
filesystem with errors, check forced" or "/dev/foo has been mounted 33
times since the last check, check forced" to tell you why it is doing
the check.

It may also be a case of "I _thought_ this filesystem was ext3, but it is really ext2". Simon, you should check the contents of /proc/mounts and also the output from "tune2fs -l /dev/X" and see that it has the flag "has_journal" and a journal inode is listed.

Cheers, Andreas

Here is the info about ext3 on the machines having problem:

Filesystem features: has_journal filetype needs_rcovery sparse_super
Journal inode: 8
Journal UUID:  <none>
Journal device:  0x0000

Also some more information. ext3 first failed so we have to run fsck manually. After that, we can just power off and ext3 start working again. We tried several times. So we are certain ext3 was installed and being utilized. Later the user started having this problem again. Then under what kind of situation this could happen? Could this be a Redhat issue? I never had problem with reiserfs. Does laptop or desktop matter?

Simon Gao

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