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Re: ext3 sometimes failed


On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 10:46:12AM -0600, Simon Gao wrote:

> Also some more information. ext3 first failed so we have to run fsck
> manually.

"failed" doesn't tell us anything useful at all!  What did you try,
and what was the result that you are calling "failure"?  It could mean
anything from "I got an IO error from the disk" to "a file
mysteriously disappeared" to "I got an error during fsck."  You *have*
to provide more accurate information we are to have any hope of
helping you.

> After that, we can just power off and ext3 start working
> again. We tried several times. So we are certain ext3 was installed
> and being utilized.

"cat /proc/mounts" and tell us if "/" is ext2 or ext3 there.

> Later the user started having this problem again.


> >On May 14, 2002  16:54 +0100, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
> >>e2fsck will always print a message something like "/dev/foo contains a
> >>filesystem with errors, check forced" or "/dev/foo has been mounted 33
> >>times since the last check, check forced" to tell you why it is doing
> >>the check.

we really need this message to tell you what's going on.  fsck will
always tell you exactly why the full fsck is being forced.


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