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Re: How To Fix Duplication Block Error?

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 06:11:43PM +0000, yan bai wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> Thank you so much for your helps.
> My problem is when the system is booted, there are some duplicate block 
> error. some error messages are as the following:
> checking root filesystem
> /:Duplicate blocks found... invoking duplicate block passes
> Pass1B: Rescan for duplicate/bad blocks
> /:Duplicate/bad blocks in inode 52:/: 1661/:
> /:Duplicate/bad blocks in inode 53:/: 1662/:
> /:Duplicate/bad blocks in inode 71:/: 1662/:
> /:Duplicate/bad blocks in inode 74:/: 1661/:
> /:Pass1C: Scan directories for inodes with duplicate blocks
> /:Pass1D: Reconciling duplicate blocks
> /:(There are 4 inodes containing duplicate/bad blocks)
> /:File /root/.gnome/session(inode#74.) has 1 duplicate block(s), shared 
> with 1 file(s)
> /:     /root/panel.d/default/Applet_4.desktop (inode#52)

What version of e2fsck/e2fsprogs are you using, and what distribution
are you using?

If this is happening during the boot sequence, most distributions call
use the -p option (preen) to fsck/e2fsck.  But in preen mode, the
duplicate blocks scanning doesn't happen; instead fsck, will stop the
boot process and request manual fsck processing.  Both Red Hat and
Debian do this.

So you must be using some other distribution....  *what* distribution
are you using?  And do you know what options is it is passing to fsck?

> So, I tried to use rescue mode and fsck to fix it, but failed.

How did it fail? 

					- Ted

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