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Re: How To Fix Duplication Block Error?

> My problem is when the system is booted, there are some duplicate block
> error. some error messages are as the following:
> checking root filesystem
> /:Duplicate blocks found... invoking duplicate block passes
> Pass1B: Rescan for duplicate/bad blocks
> /:Duplicate/bad blocks in inode 52:/: 1661/:
> /:Duplicate/bad blocks in inode 53:/: 1662/:
> /:Duplicate/bad blocks in inode 71:/: 1662/:
> /:Duplicate/bad blocks in inode 74:/: 1661/:
> /:Pass1C: Scan directories for inodes with duplicate blocks
> /:Pass1D: Reconciling duplicate blocks
> /:(There are 4 inodes containing duplicate/bad blocks)
> /:File /root/.gnome/session(inode#74.) has 1 duplicate block(s), shared
> with 1 file(s)
> /:     /root/panel.d/default/Applet_4.desktop (inode#52)

What version of e2fsck/e2fsprogs are you using, and what distribution
are you using?

I really don't know how to check the version, what is distribution? this is my first time tried to install it.

If this is happening during the boot sequence, most distributions call
use the -p option (preen) to fsck/e2fsck.  But in preen mode, the
duplicate blocks scanning doesn't happen; instead fsck, will stop the
boot process and request manual fsck processing.  Both Red Hat and
Debian do this.

I am using Red Hat 7.1. Until now, I only heard about rescue/single user mode, what a preen mode use for? Sorry... I was totally lost with my first swim in Linux.

And do you know what options is it is passing to fsck?

I didn't use any options. just 'fsck /dev/sda1'

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