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Re: How To Fix Duplication Block Error?

On May 16, 2002  02:43 +0000, yan bai wrote:
> >> My problem is when the system is booted, there are some duplicate block
> >> error.
> >
> >Every time?
> >
> Yes, every time. the error message is the same.

That is because the problem has never been fixed.

> Several lines followed are 'USE fsck MANUALLY' and then ask me to input the 
> root password.
> >> So, I tried to use rescue mode and fsck to fix it, but failed.
> >
> >What did you try, and how did it fail?
> I tried to use fsck under the root, but I was told I should use boot 
> instead of directories. so I used the disk to boot into rescue mode, which 
> gave a shell prompt as sh-2.04, the following is what I tried and the 
> message I got.
> sh-2.04# fsck /dev/sda1 <ENTER>
> parallelizing fsck version 1.19 (13-Jul-2000)
> e2fsck 1.19 13-Jul-2000 for EXT2 FS 0.5b, 95/08/09
> /boot:clean, 27/14056 files, 5616/56190 blocks

So, what you need to do is run "fsck -f /dev/sda1" to force it to do a 
full check.  What is a bit puzzling is why the original check didn't
mark the filesystem in error and then do a full fsck when you manually
checked the filesystem...  We need to look into that.

Note also that you should look at the data in /root/.gnome/session and
/root/panel.d/default/Applet_4.desktop to see which one is bad (you will
probably need to delete one of them).

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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