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Ext3-0.9.18 available


ext3-0.9.18 is now available for 2.4.19-pre8.  Some of the fixes in
this release are already in the 2.4.19-pre8, but there are some
important new fixes in the patch and users are encouraged to upgrade.
This release fixes all known outstanding bug reports.

The full patch against linux-2.4.19-pre8, and a tarball of the
individual fixes in this patch set, is now propagating to


The full list of changes is included below.



* Speed up MS_SYNC writes
* Set up kjournald to be parented under init properly
* config: ext3 is no longer experimental
* fix i_blocks getting inconsistent after disk full
* speed up fsyncs in non-journaled data modes a little
* don't consider ENOSPC a fatal error when allocating an inode
* fix LVM snapshot deadlock
* fix "dump corrupts filesystems" core VFS bug
* fix over-zealous ext3 complaint about locked buffers
* fix very rare buffer leak
* fix O_SYNC
* fix tiny race where a buffer could be written to disk too soon

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