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Re: A solution to Kernel Panic ... on ext3 only!

On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 04:57:19PM +0800, Uwe Dippel wrote:
> Here I don't want to start a discussion, but rather share a *solution*
> that took me some days to come up with.
> The whole stuff started with a power-outage. After reboot, my server
> (ext3) came back with the dreaded file system error (Ctrl-D to reboot or
> password for maintenance) - if you've never seen this, consider yourself
> lucky!
> In any case, I did the fsck as prescribed, but abandoned the effort
> after having to type the 'Y' for more than 100 times; restarting fsck
> with '-y'. *Never* ever do this on ext3, as you will see later!

What sort of errors was fsck finding?

> It started but then informed me about " ... too many errors" or so.
> Next, after reboot, it came with a kernel-panic: No init found.

So the root fs had failed to load...
> This is almost the time for re-install, isn't it!? No, I tried the
> repair before. Bad luck, while reading my nice root-partition (hda6), it
> complained "Error mounting filesystem on hda6: Invalid argument"

yep.  Did the kernel give any error log as to why it failed to mount?

> I only had to convert it to ext2, have it
> repair all the errors and finally recreate the journal; effectively
> reconvert it to ext3. It is been running ever since without problem.
> I am even pondering to consider that behaviour a bug

If fsck left the fs unmountable, then yes, it is a bug.  The question
is, what damage did it fail to repair?  We'd need a lot more detail in
your bug report to be sure of that.


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