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To ext3 developers


I've seen several posting regarding assertion failure (I also have that problem since rh 7.2 and 7.3!!). Is it a bug or something? This failure can happen although we have run fsck. The failure msg can sometimes just pop-up from the screen when the computer is idling.

Sometimes low-level format needs to be done if we want to do reinstallation because otherwise during formatting the filesystem in graphic mode, rh will prompt error msg regarding some serious problem has occur at /dev/hda#. If the installation was done in text mode, you could see that in fact the serious problem was the assertion failure. After that, the computer become hang and the caps-lock and scroll-lock button's light on the keyboard are blinking.

If I'm not wrong, this failure happens especially from users using IDE hdd. And from some previous postings, seems like you guys are not into this type of hdd.

Halbert Thiodore thio79 asu edu

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