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Re: To ext3 developers


On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 08:44:28PM -0700, Halbert Thiodore wrote:
> I've seen several posting regarding assertion failure (I also have that 
> problem since rh 7.2 and 7.3!!). Is it a bug or something?

Yes, it is either a bug, or something [else].  It is hardware failure
in some cases, a core VFS bug in others, an ext3 bug in others.

> This failure can 
> happen although we have run fsck. The failure msg can sometimes just pop-up 
> from the screen when the computer is idling.

Well, tell us what the error says and I might be able to help you!

> Sometimes low-level format needs to be done if we want to do reinstallation 
> because otherwise during formatting the filesystem in graphic mode, rh will 
> prompt error msg regarding some serious problem has occur at /dev/hda#. If 
> the installation was done in text mode, you could see that in fact the 
> serious problem was the assertion failure. After that, the computer become 
> hang and the caps-lock and scroll-lock button's light on the keyboard are 
> blinking.

Please tell us the exact kernel version, hardware config, and the text
of the error.  Without precise information, we can't diagnose
problems, we can only guess.


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