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Re: To ext3 developers


On Wed, 22 May 2002, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
> We need more information about the problems.  You first told us of
> "ext3 assertion failures" during normal running:
> "Halbert Thiodore" <thio79 asu edu> wrote:
> > I've seen several posting regarding assertion failure (I also have
> > that problem since rh 7.2 and 7.3!!). Is it a bug or something? 
> Assertion failures result in log messages which actually contain the
> words "assertion failure" and which tell us where the problem was
> discovered in the code.  When asked for more info, you gave messages
> about an entirely separate oops (NOT an assertion failure) during
> install.
> So do you have any more info about the assertion failures, such as the
> full log messages they produce?

I don't have any log because currently there is not rh installed on the
computer. Everytime the installation process keeps crashing and generates the
error msg I emailed you. So that error msg is from what I wrote whatever the
message on the screen by hand and type it here.

When I installed 7.2 for the first time ever on western digital hdd, there was
no problem with the installation process. But during running time, sometimes 
it popped an error msg on the screen which I thought was an assertion
failure, which now I think it was not. The only thing I remember from the
error msg during running time is that it contained "Oops: 0000" and
"stack: ..." and a bunch of hex number. So I tried to reinstall but it kept
crashing during installation and generated the error I gave you. Then I
thought it's hdd failure. So I replaced the hdd with quantum fireball and
installed rh7.3 (not 7.2). It was successful. Then it behaves like 7.2 during
running time. And I tried to reinstall the whole system again. But then it
kept crashing like 7.2 with same error.

If the error I gave you is not an assertion failure, then what I told you that
it was an assertion failure is incorrect. So disregard what I told you at the
first time.

So is it possible to determine the problem and find the solution how to fix it 
based on the error msg I gave you? because that's the only info I have.



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