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Re: Bad directories appearing in ext3 after upgrade 2.4.16 -> 2.4.18+cvs


On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 10:50:08AM +1000, Neil Brown wrote:

> I also get raid5 to report the device sector number (bh->b_rsector)
> and to print out the first 32 bytes of the before and after blocks.
> 25 minutes later I got two messages from raid5 about "multiple 1
> requests" (the '1' means 'WRITE', '0' would be 'READ').

I've just put together a loop.c extension that allows me to layer
arbitrary debug code on top of a block device.  The extension tracks
all the outstanding IOs to that device, and searches for duplicates.
I'm running it now on a single-disk UP data=journal filesystem, and no
problems so far after a couple of million buffer IOs on the device.

I'll get that going on a highmem smp box tomorrow to see if that
triggers anything, both on a single disk and layered on top of a raid5


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