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RE: A solution to Kernel Panic ... on ext3 only!

Dear all,

thanks for your comments. Now I really feel I ought to have done a better
documentation of what I did and once again ask for your forgiveness on this!

*If* and only *if* I remember well, Theodore, contrary to what you wrote in
your first mail, fsck had not degraded the ext3 to ext2 gracefully and there
was a journal left (for deletion), which I did.
Secondly, and here I ask Stephen before messing up the machine again, if it
had been a clean, journal-less ext2, the repair-option should not have said
that "You don't have any Linux partitions", should it? There must have been
something very wrong with hda6, to come up with this message. Eventually,
here it might be helpful to know, which conditions make the repair option
issue this statement. This had even made me run an fdisk to see, if the
partitions had been destroyed, which returned a clear '83'; finally
motivating me to continue. fdisk was of the opinion '83' and 'repair' of the
opinion '!=83' ?? strange!

Even if we don't manage to reconstruct the situation: Thanks again for all
your efforts!


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