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Re: Reg: Porting UFS/VxFs to ext2 (fwd)

On Nov 14, 2002  15:13 +0530, SRIKANTH CHOWDARY M. K. G wrote:
>        I have been assigned some work on the development of a migration
> tool. The requirement is that it has to migrate the data on a UFS/VxFs
> filesystem to an ext2 filesystem.
>  What are the technical apects I will have to look into to achieve
> the same?  Is it possible to change the on-disk structure of the UFS/VxFs
> filesystem to an ext2 filesystem? The question may sound weird but then
> that is the requirement.
>   Kindly help me. Kindly send a cc of your mails to
>  srikanth chowdary tatainfotech com as I have not subscribed to this list.

By far the easiest and most robust way of doing this sort of thing is
to mount the existing filesystem under Linux, create a second filesystem
with ext2/ext3 on it, and "tar cf - -C <old mnt> . | tar xvpf - -C <ext2 mnt>"
This not only works very well, but also has the benefit of defragmenting
your files and laying them out properly for ext2 instead of in-place

Failing that, I would suggest looking at libext2fs and if there is a
similar library for UFX/VxFs and seeing what can be done.  I would be
surprised if you could do any sort of reasonable in-place conversion
because inodes and other data structure alignment will be different.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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