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Re: /proc/sys/vm/bdflush

* JP Howard <jh_lists fastmail fm>:
> On Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:15:13 +0100, "Ralf Hildebrandt"
> <Ralf Hildebrandt charite de> said:
> > Our current problem: Load is low, but ever so often the system decides
> > to do some serious disk I/O which causes all processes to wait for
> > disk I/O -- load explodes (rises linear up into the 20-30ies) just to
> > fall linearly (spelling?) right after that.
> > 
> Are you using Cyrus? If so, what is your prefork set to in imapd.conf?

Nope. We use courier.

> We saw what you're seeing, and tracked it down to Cyrus' scheduled event
> handling in large prefork pools.

No - I'm quite sure about that. The load increase is (immediately)
unrelated to usage. 

It's the same freeze we encounter with our desktop boxes: From time to
time the disk goes mad (you hear lots of head movements). During that
time the mouse pointer freeze - but on these lightly loaded machine it
merely lasts 2-3s.

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