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Re: 120 GB larger hard disk

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, james wang wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have recently bought a PC with 120 GB had drive. 
> Windows XP was the operation system.   I did see all
> the space - 120 GB and it worked fine.
> I deleted all the paritions already on the hard drive 
> and tried to install RedHat 6.2 on it.  No matter what
> I tried, I could just use 1/4 of the hard drive (about
>  30 GB).  If trying to create a partition with larger
> size, it always ended up with - "inode out of bounds"
> and thus failure in installing the operating system.
> I had also tried to create 4 primary partitions, each
> with 30 GB.  I did manage to install the system. 
> However, the happiness only lasted a short while -
> once rebooted, the file system seamt corrupted (need
> fsck).
> Reading through Google news groups, I learnt that
> RedHat 6.2 with kernel versison 2.2.14 can handle
> large disk size (> 34 GB).  However, I own experience
> told another story - it seams that RedHat 6.2 could
> NOT handle hard drive size above 34 GB!
> Would you gurus shed a light on this?

I am no guru but 6.2 is ancient. How about trying something more
current. I know 8.0 can handle 120 Gig drives. Besides what does this
have to do with ext3. Ext3 did not come with 6.2. I do not think it was
invented/stable yet. AFAIK 2.2.x kernels cannot do ext3 without patches.


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