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re: 120 GB larger hard disk


I don´t think that this is a ext3 Problem, since you have problems partitioning that disk.

Perhaps a hdparm -i /dev/hdX could shine some light on this,
also a fdisk -l /dev/hdX could be useful.

For now - let me guess:
To me, it seems, that the disk is clipped to 32GB, perhaps the mainboard bios can not cope with a disk >32GB - just a thought.

Since the manufactorer knows that every customer would be angry having a crippled disk, he *might* have installed a vendor software to enlarge the disk to the real size. This runs fine under windows, but
in no-way under Linux
Then Windows was installed on top and this was running fine.

After repartitioning, the disk-software is gone, and so leaving you with 32GB capacity alone.

Try the hdparm and fdisk commands and send the outputs, if the mailing list might not be interested because of OT, send it to me - I am curious about this.



>RedHat 6.2 with kernel versison 2.2.14 can handle >large disk size (> 34 GB). However, I own experience >told another story - it seams that RedHat 6.2 could >NOT handle hard drive size above 34 GB!

-- Andreas Baier

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