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re: 120 GB larger hard disk

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Andreas Baier wrote:

> For now - let me guess:
> <guess>
> To me, it seems, that the disk is clipped to 32GB, perhaps the
> mainboard bios can not cope with a disk >32GB - just a thought.
> Since the manufactorer knows that every customer would be angry having
> a crippled disk, he *might* have installed a vendor software to
> enlarge the disk to the real size. This runs fine under windows, but
> in no-way under Linux
> Then Windows was installed on top and this was running fine.
> After repartitioning, the disk-software is gone, and so leaving you
> with 32GB capacity alone.
> </guess>

Just a note:

I have 80G disk (ST380021A), which is clipped to 32G. However, there is
"Auto-Geometry resizing support"/"CONFIG_IDEDISK_STORE" option in kernel,
which "strokes" remains bits out of disk. So the disk have correct size
and dimension without EZ-drive or similar vendor software. (This option
will do similar things to the drive.)

I found that this link was very helpfull:

BR, Jani

Jani Averbach

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