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Re: how often to 'fsck -D' ?

On Oct 01, 2002  18:26 -0400, Douglas J Hunley wrote:
> subject about says it all. should this only be done once per device or 
> periodically? thanks!

If you are running with a kernel that understands htree indexes you only
need to do it once (the kernel will keep the directory up-to-date after
that).  If you run with a non-htree kernel then you _should_ do it
afterwards, but it is only really needed if you have added files to an
previously-indexed directory.

"e2fsck -D" will also pack an existing directory, so if you created a
huge directory and deleted all of the files, then you can get a little
bit of space back by re-indexing that directory, but it's not a big
deal in most cases ("mkdir newdir; mv olddir/* newdir; rmdir olddir"
will also do this for you without unmounting the filesystem).

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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