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Converting root ext3 to ext2?

Can anyone comment on whether or not it is possible to successfully
disable the journal of an ext3 root file system
prior to reboot?  My application is to try and make sure there is no
journal prior to installing and rebooting into a system which does not
support ext3.  I know that as long as the root is cleanly remounted r/o
with no journal updates pending, this
will be compatible.  I'm trying to also cover the case where something
goes wrong during the subsequent install and we reboot into a system
without ext3 support but where the root file system did not get
unmounted properly first.  Using

    tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/xxx

on a r/o ext3 root appears to succeed but I later see file system
corruption after remounting r/w to install the non-ext2 system files
and  suspect that the kernel still has it fingers on some old journal
resources after the r/w remount following removal of the journal.

Mike Accetta
Laurel Networks, Inc

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