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RE: Auditing filesystems for Linux?

Actually, 'database' is a loose term in this case.  The database is
UniVerse by IBM (Informix/Ardent, whomever owns the software today :)
and the database software doesn't modify the files.

Also, UniVerse isn't a 'traditional' database in the sense that there is
one database file or set of files and all transactions act upon that
one, or set of files.  In UniVerse, each 'table' is it's own Linux file.
When a user logs in they get a UniVerse 'shell.'  That process is run in
the user context and therefore any file accesses are done by that
userid.  Since multiple users need access to these 'tables,' each user
must belong to a group and that group must have write access to those

That's why I want to be able to audit individual file deletions in case
some makes a boo-boo or is malicious and wants to make me work weekends

Thanks for your help.


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Subject: Re: Auditing filesystems for Linux?

No need to ask twice... ;-))

"Rechenberg, Andrew" wrote:
> Does anyone know of any Linux-based filesystem that does file-level
> auditing and logs based on username?  Does ext2/3 do such auditing
> (stock or with patches)?

Not sure if this does what you need, but ext3 can be told to log file
changes so they can be reverted. I never used this, so please look into
the documentation.

Since this is about a database: If all the files in question are written
and read only by the database server software there is no need for
rw-rw-r--, rw------- will be sufficient: Regardless which user s logged
into the database, the files are accessed by the database server
software, usually running under a database-specific system account
(which prevents login at all). Of course the files must be owned by that
user, if not, change the ownership with chown (as root).

Best regards,
Martin Stricker
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