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RE: Maximum file size

Thank you very much!  

Does the file system size limit of 1TB effectively limit the maximum
file size to 1TB as well or can a file span file systems?  Is LVM
required for a file to span file systems?


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On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 09:05:08AM -0400, Max Berenson wrote:
> I've found many discussions on the web about the maximum file size
> supported by ext2/ext3 file systems.  They all seem to indicate that
> there may have been a 2GB file limit in the past in either ext2/3 or
> the kernel but that the limit was removed in Linux 2.4.x.


> I have seen no definitive statement indicating that this was actually
> changed.

There have been plenty!

> Can someone tell me exactly what the maximum file size and
> maximum file system size is for the ext2/3 implementations distributed
> with Red Hat Linux 7.3?

file size: about 4 TB.  Filesystem size: 1 TB (limited by the block
device layer, but that should be increased in 2.5.)


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