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Re: Periodic lockup problem with ext3

Am 09.10.2002 um 09:45:41 -0600 schrieb Andreas Dilger folgendes:

> This happens when the journal becomes full (and probably also has lots
> of pending data buffers to flush, for data=ordered) and it must flush
> the journal before any more filesystem activity can occur.  The way to
> solve this is to have a flush interval which is shorter than the time
> it takes to fill the journal.

The default is 5s, or so I've heard.

> Either decrease the flush interval so that less data is outstanding at
> any time, or increase the size of the journal so that you always have
> enough journal space for at least 30 seconds of changes, to allow the

Why 30s? I thought the committ interval was 5s!

> data buffers to be flushed in the background.

Ok. We shall check the journal sizes. 
> Since the latter is not very practical (it might involve huge journals,
> and correspondingly more data loss on a crash, unless you are running
> with data=journal and your application is syncing all I/O), the

Some parts (Postfix spool) are using data=journal, others (Maildir
area) use data=ordered, the backup store uses data=writeback

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