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Re: Periodic lockup problem with ext3

Am 09.10.2002 um 18:19:44 +0100 schrieb Stephen C. Tweedie folgendes:

> > This happens when the journal becomes full (and probably also has lots
> > of pending data buffers to flush, for data=ordered)
> The data flush happens on each commit, so it's never deferred until
> the journal is full.  I'm wondering if there's something wrong which
> lets dirty metadata accumulate arbitrarily long between commits, but
> the normal writeback does seem to be active still --- we do a
> set_buffer_flushtime() as soon as the buffer gets marked for metadata
> write, so those buffers shouldn't accumulate forever either.
> I'll need to reproduce this and trace it, I suspect.

This whole thing happens under these conditions:

* On my laptop I unpack a 2.4.19 kernel tree and then apply - say -
  the 2.4.20 pre 10 patch. During that I will get a lockup with lots
  of disk activity.

* On our main mailserver we see this: If a lot of mail is to be
  delivered locally, Postfix usually delivers 3-4 message / s to the
  local maildirs. But every now and then (when tail -f'ing the log),
  the whole box "does nothing" at all, loggin and operations continue
  about 18s later.
  This happens in high load conditions, with all the load bein I/O load.
  This box uses 2.4.19-ac4

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